Our platform offers powerful tools for those who want to make money with their apps. You can place different types of ads and specify their behavior, and you can do that using our panel.

1. Types of ads

  • Banners: typical format that is displayed at the bottom (or top) of each app.
  • Interstitials: also known as full-page ads. Nomally shown as exit or in-content ads.
  • Icon-Ads: these ads look like another content “section” or “tab” inside the app. Used to run specific targeted campaigns.

    2. How to display ads

    Native Ads

    You can select integrate ads of your favorite mobile Ad Network, and display native advertisements with a couple clicks.

    Formats accepted: Banners, Interstitals.

    Custom Ads

    You can run custom pay-per-action campaigns and target them to a particular group of users (i.e. Place a “Candy Crush” advertisement for users located in France).

    Formats accepted: Icon-Ads.

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