About this plugin

Add a radio station in your app by filling a simple form. Compatible with Shoutcast, Icecast and Radionomy.


  • Main Details
    • Radio Station URL:
      • Expects:
        • IP + PORT (i.e.
        • Radionomy URL (i.e. http://listen.radionomy.com/radiomyme-tv).
      • Note: to find the IP of your Shoutcast radio station, you can use this tool at Xatworld.
    • Radio Default Title: The app will try to autoimport the correct station name automatically. However, you can override this title entering a custom one.
  • Style
    • Default Radio Image: Default image in the radio player.
    • Radio Bg Color: Radio Player background color.
    • Radio Bar Color
    • Radio Border Color
  • Block Details
    • Mode:
      • Content Block: the plugin will be displayed as a section of the app.
      • Display as Home: the plugin will be used as main content of the app. The app will have only one section.
    • Block Title: Sets the title & button name for this section.
    • Icon: Sets a custom icon for the section.


Coming soon.

Known Issues

Coming soon.

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