About this plugin

With this plugin you can add easily add Vimeo videos to your app. You can filter videos by search term, username or channel ID.


  • Select Videos
    • Keyword: Search videos using a keyword term.
    • Username: Search videos of a Vimeo user. Compatible with keyword search.
    • Channel ID: Search videos within a Vimeo Channel. Compatible with keyword search.
  • Display Options
    • Comments: Enable or disable comments in videos.
    • Items per Page: Number of videos to display on each page.
    • Order By: Select the sorting criteria for the query. Accepts the following values: relevant, date, alphabetical, plays, likes, comments, duration.
    • Order Direction: Select the sorting direction for the query, ascendant or descendant.
  • Block Details
    • Block Title: Sets the title & button name for this section.
    • Icon: Sets a custom icon for the section.
    • Select View: (advanced users only) Sets the view for the plugin content. Accepts the following values: listview, pageview.


Coming soon.

Known Issues

Coming soon.

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