Making an app with our software it’s an easy and a very intuitive process. There are a few things you need to know before getting started though.

1. Parts of the app

Important! Our apps have are divided in four basic parts. Understanding these parts is a must before starting. Open this page for more information.

2. The process / workflow

We can work on all this elements separately, and just put them all together when generating a new version of our app.For example, this could be a good-realistic workflow:

  1. Design the layout of our app with our super-easy composing tools.
  2. Upload a cool logo/icon for our app.
  3. Choose the default wrapper (editing wrappers is only optional and for advanced users only)
  4. Mark not to show ads at this time.
  5. Click on the “New Version” button and the app would be done.

3. Step by Step

So we said we need to attend four points (some of them are optional) before having our app ready to download and publish in our favorite app store. Let’s deal with each point separately.

  1. First Step: designing the content
  2. Second Step: assigning the graphics
  3. Third Step: creating the first version

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